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GroupLink® Incident Tracking is a completely web-based, mobile and user-friendly solution. Whether deployed for education, government, healthcare, financial services, or other IT service support functions, this solution increases your effectiveness while reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO).

GroupLink® is designed as the cross platform solution. It runs smoothly on Windows, major Linux distributions, Mac and OES platforms. The illustration below demonstrates how everything HelpDesk integrates with your IT infrastructure.

GroupLink® Incident Tracking makes business processes and reporting easier with incident templates and scheduled reports. Keeping up with incidents and tasks is as easy as checking your email because everything HelpDesk integrates with Exchange, GroupWise, Gmail, Office365 and other Modern Authenticating servers. Best of all, the everything GroupLink® application is simple to use for users and, with world-class customer service, Incident Team members, Managers, and Administrators will have a great experience as well

GroupLink® Architecture

The GroupLink® system can be accessed via any web browser including Internet Explorer, MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome or via any web-enabled device including smartphones. The GroupLink® system is compatible to run on Windows, Linux, Apple and OES/SLES operating systems.

It runs on top of Tomcat and uses LDAP as a portal to authenticate users against the supported databases including MySQL.

GroupLink® System & Features (On-Premise, or Cloud Hosted)

The 100% Web Help Desk

  • Available on any modern web browser (Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and others) as a fully web based solution
  • Accessible via iPhone and Android devices 

Cross Platform Service Desk Solution

  • Runs smoothly on Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Operates on any platform, even in mixed environments
  • Requires no applets, Flash or other plug-ins

Ease of Use

  • Provides an easy, understandable end user experience – your end users will use it!
  • Reduces incident requests and decreases future procedure-support costs via the self-help knowledgebase
  • Adapts to every department (e.g., IT, Facilities and HR) and can be customized for each
  • Allows an unlimited number of end users
  • Installs easily with all prepackaged software components needed to run the solution (MySQL, Java and Tomcat)
  • Quickly and easily configures – in a few quick steps, your incident tracking system will be set up and ready to go!
  • Performs Google-like searches for various criteria within the ticket via the quick ticket search box
  • Displays your incident tracking in multiple languages

Reporting with True Business Intelligence

  • Powerfully reports without a third party solution
  • Easily builds management reports that show key statistics and identify problems quickly
  • Shows saved reports with customizable dashboards
  • Constructs powerful filters on all ticket fields including custom fields
  • Creates scheduled custom reports with a recurrence pattern to be automatically run and emailed to selected individuals

Business Process Automation

  • Facilitates workload management by mass updating multiple tickets at once
  • Automates processes with incident templates
  • Manages your business processes and routine tasks with Workflow

World Class Customer Service

  • Includes free training and consultation services
  • Designed to be powerful yet easy to use, resulting in loyal customers – GroupLink® has a 90% customer retention rate
  • Consists of a complete service solution, more than just software

Essential Third Party Integration

  • Supported on Windows, Linux, Mac and OES
  • Integrates with GroupWise or Outlook/Exchange calendar and email systems
  • Authenticates users via LDAP with eDirectory, Active Directory and Apple Open Directory
  • Integrates with Gmail, Exchange, Office365, GroupWise and other Modern Authenticating email systems

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