5 Ways a Help Desk Will Make Your School a Better Place

Technology provides new opportunities for people to get creative, and modern classrooms can be considered especially creative places.

Even the U.S. Department of Education has said tech in schools creates big advantages, everything from helping students prepare for a digital future to building self-esteem.

But classrooms are only one component of a greater educational eco-system that can benefit from modern hardware and software.

A school or school district that invests in a centralized help desk automates many procedures and also assists in the facility’s overall organization. Here are 5 ways a help desk can make your school a better place:

 Quick Response

A teacher used to get by if he or she ran out of chalk. But if the day’s lesson is supposed to involve mobile apps or browsers, and something isn’t working, any downtime can hurt. A teacher can send an email to the help desk describing the problem and its urgency. Then a dispatcher/manager can send someone quickly to make the fix – and they’ll already be familiar with the problem. Less downtime = more teaching time.

Better Track of Facility Needs

Along with the IT team being extra responsive, so can the facilities/maintenance team. A help desk can keep track of pending projects and completed tasks. It can show areas where problems keep happening, such as a leaky roof or dying air conditioner, and also maintain a regular maintenance schedule for common rooms.

Better Vehicle Maintenance

It’s no joke that maintaining transportation is a full-time job – and a system that buses students has to make sure everything is running every morning and afternoon. A help desk can help transportation managers see what their needs are each day, and communicate with the various mechanics through mobile devices. It also can keep track of the history and service of each vehicle, including upcoming alerts for routine tasks like oil changes.

More Efficient Documentation

With hundreds, maybe thousands of students attending each year, and dozens of teachers and staff, there’s plenty of paperwork to go around. A Human Resources department can utilize a help desk to securely keep track of staff history and performance, including the terms and duration of any teaching contracts. It also can see who has received additional training, where they are on their salary schedule, and how much annual benefits have been claimed or remain.

Central Access to Knowledge

One component of a strong help desk is a knowledge base or an online resource database that people can access. Perhaps the IT team wants to share the latest tips and tricks for resolving common trouble ticket requests. Keep up on status and work history of different machines or see the status of domains or licenses. Other school personnel in different disciplines can create their own knowledge bases to exchange information about their shared environments. Do it all from one central information database.

Whether it’s keeping track of bus routes, field trip schedules, broken printers or what walls need paint first, all it could be accomplished by a help desk. Try GroupLink’s everything HelpDesk free and find other suggestions on how your school could improve its efficiencies.

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