How Clouds are Winning the Help Desk Battle

7545920118_cc4c7fe659_oThe modern IT help desk is an ever-shifting battleground. The biggest artillery on this battleground is understanding computing trends. By knowing where computing is heading, staff can prepare appropriate responses to troubleshooting. A shocking fact about the modern help desks is that their information is not always coming from hours of studying. IT staff are instead finding out new technology trends from regular employees.

In a study by CDW, over 73% of IT staff admitted to enterprise adoption of a technology found by a non-IT staff member. This statistic means that a non-IT staff member found a cloud technology and IT made this technology available to the entire company. When stepping back, this discovery makes logical sense. Who knows how to improve workflows better than those who complete those workflows daily?

Top IT staff are also helping with the direction of the organization. Chief information officers (CIOs) have identified cloud computing as a route to cost savings. Business Insider reports that 80% of CIOs get at least some part of their private infrastructure through cloud computing. CIOs know paying for exact use is more cost effective than trying to guess use of a server life-cycle.

Scoping a server up front may result in a server being either overpowered or underpowered. Overpowered presents the problem of trying to find ways to use the extra power. Underpowered presents the problem of reducing resources for critical workflows. With cloud computing, adjust power is on the fly, so this scoping is no longer a concern.

Cloud based help desk portals often include self-help options. These cloud help desk portals may include monitoring to spot environment changes as they happen. This pro-active monitoring allows trouble correction before the issues cause significant downtime.

In a report by State Tech Magazine, there are an estimated 50 million physical servers in the world today. This number is all the more astonishing by the fact that many of those servers are using virtualization to run even more servers. The large environment that help desks need to maintain on a daily basis continues to grow in complexity. Help desk staff that use several sources of cloud computing information maintain better environments.

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