Start Off the New Year with Better IT Management

macbook-pro-338619_640IT management can sometimes become misunderstood on how it works, with some perhaps thinking it’s obtrusive. This isn’t true with the right service, and the best management works behind the scenes for you to keep your network safe in more ways than one.

Here at GroupLink, we know that when we say IT management, it’s going to mean various things considering how vast IT is. With our software products, you can bring a sense of IT management that helps keep things safer for your company, plus provide more efficiency. That’s one thing to keep in mind about managing your IT: It can be about helping you grow your business as much as protecting it from cyber threats.

A Better Help Desk

One part of IT management that can help you is having a help desk taking care of issues for you they don’t cause down time for your company. Our everythingHelpDesk® is one part of the services we offer that helps you get quick attention on not only your office computers, but also your mobile devices.

We know with so many companies being more mobile, this feature is the ultimate in managing your network. In an age where mobile devices are more vulnerable to threats than ever, having them managed 24/7 is essential to your employees out in the field.

Better Contact with Customers

Our ContactWise®CRM service tackles another angle of management: Properly communicating with customers. With superior managing of customer contact information, you can easily communicate with the customers important to you. In the long run, this is going to help productivity in your company because you’re saving time in communication methods, plus using tracking methods on what your customers are doing.

Managing the Use of Mobile Devices

While our Help Desk above can help with issues relating to your office computers and mobile devices, you also need complete management of the latter. With our GroupLinkMDM™ service, you’ll be able to manage all mobile use policies, security, real-time data, and the status of each device easily. In this regard, it can provide a self-management system, even though we’re there to help you with any issues immediately.

Contact us here at GroupLink through the holidays to find out more about our IT management services.

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