Using Our Help Desk Service for Mobile Employees Through the Holiday Season

help-deskHaving an IT help desk that’s easily accessible has been a big problem for a lot of companies for years. Unfortunately, having easy access to one in the mobile era hasn’t been quite as prevalent as it should be. And during the holidays when your business is over the top crazy with your employees on the go, not having a quick and easy help desk could potentially be very devastating to your business.

Perhaps you’re one of the many companies who have employees working with mobile devices and conducting business on smartphones while out in the field. In those cases, it probably involves working on iPads or other mandatory wireless devices. Just when you think that you have them all under control, your entire network could suddenly shut down, or perhaps an individual problem occurs. This could happen right in the middle of an important transaction taking place at a mobile location.

It used to be you’d have to call in to your headquarters to request a superior to call a help line. That doesn’t have to happen any more through our help desk service here at GroupLink.

How would this work if your employees depend on their mobile devices and it fails in the middle of a transaction?

Calling in From Anywhere for Immediate Help

Our help desk service is a trademarked name called everythingHelpDesk® with numerous features that basically reinvent the wheel of how help desk used to be. No matter where you are, you can call in and get immediate attention on an issue. If you’re using Apple products, we have a specific interface that can easily be applied to your iPhone or iPad, making communication so much easier.

Part of what makes our communication system so efficient is our easy way to fill out a help desk ticket so you can get assistance right away. With an easy system automatically formatting your ticket into an email, you can get it sent in quickly for quick processing. And it doesn’t matter how many are turned in since it’s designed for multiple users in your company.

What you’ll really love is that our help desk solution can be integrated into multiple departments within your company so they can all use it together. This helps prevent the confusion of having to provide separate help desk plans for everyone who needs technical help on a regular basis.

These are just some of the features you’ll enjoy with everythingHelpDesk® during the holidays and into the new year. Don’t let technical issues bring your business down during the holiday season when you depend so much on things running optimally. Our solution guarantees world class customer service so you’ll never have to worry about keeping things running, no matter where you are on the globe.

Contact us to find out more about our help desk service so you can start off the new year with more efficiency.

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