Inform GmbH

“everything HelpDesk® gives us the ability to choose different statuses of the ticket which allows us and the user to see what is going on right at the moment.”

Michael Carell, Inform GmbH

The Problem

Inform GmbH, a software development company headquartered in Germany, has experienced constant growth for several years. Inform supports all types of IT related issues from simple password reset requests to third-level support.

Management at Inform saw that it would no longer be able to rely on emails for request resolution and ticket tracking. Inform’s system of using email was inefficient and lacked adequate communication.

Peter Wachs, IT Administrator, stated, “We never knew who was working on what issue, and that was a growing problem.”

Inform needed a solution that would track issues, track the solutions to issues, and give management the information needed to make correct business decisions through constant real-time communication. Inform also needed a solution that would integrate with its current infrastructure, helping to leverage its current investments.

The solution also needed to be able to be customised to the needs of Inform. Additionally, the solution would need to increase communication between the technicians and the end users.

Providing the solutions to increase end user satisfaction and overall efficiency

The Solution

With the implementation of everything HelpDesk by GroupLink®, Inform GmbH has seen its communication greatly increase. End users know what is happening with their tickets and receive instant feedback about the status of each ticket. Michael Carell, Network Administrator, stated “everything HelpDesk gives us the ability to choose different statuses of the ticket which allows us and the user to see what is going on right at the moment.” This functionality has increased communication and helped enhance end user satisfaction.

Inform greatly values the GroupWise integration. Each user can create a ticket simply by sending an email to the help desk. everything HelpDesk automatically converts the email to a help desk ticket. Since it is easy to use, end users actually use the help desk, and technicians and managers can track issues and view incident reports and trends.

Inform uses ZENworks, which can also be integrated with everything HelpDesk, and tied to tickets. This has given Inform a quick view of what assets the end user is currently using, and what tickets have been associated with those assets. Technicians and management can see asset trends and make correct business decisions based on that information.

Internationalization and localization are components of everything HelpDesk that are essential to Inform. Inform employs individuals who speak German, French, English, Spanish, and other languages. everything HelpDesk can be viewed in all of these languages and more. This functionality gives end users and technicians the ability to view tickets and ticket updates in their language, which has greatly increased end user satisfaction.


Inform GmbH has had great success with everything HelpDesk and looks forward to using this solution as the company grows. Inform has seen improvements with communication, and has leveraged existing infrastructure with essential integration. In addition, everything HelpDesk is simple for end users and technicians, which has allowed Inform to better track its issues. With the increased communication, key integration and essential information provided by everything HelpDesk, Inform is well on its way to becoming a much more effective and proficient organization.

Inform GmbH

Inform GmbH is a software development company located in Aachen, Germany which specialises in IT systems for the optimised planning and control of business processes. Inform focuses on very different fields of use for decision-intelligent software with its five business divisions: Materials Management, Logistics, Airport, Production, Risk & Fraud. It currently employees over 400 individuals with healthy growth numbers every year.

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