Nevada Department of Corrections

“Creating a ticket is fast, and closing a ticket is just as fast. It now takes a minute to create a ticket for all those ‘hey you’ requests.”

Dan Erlendson,
Nevada Department of Corrections

The Problem

Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) needed a help desk solution that wouldn’t limit its growth, that was web-based, and that would integrate with its current infrastructure. The current “in house” solution had reached its bounds.

The NDOC IT staff was being inundated with “hey you” requests every time they were spotted in the halls. This caused the management to question the use of time to resolve a problem. The management team had no way of knowing how much time was spent on a ticket.

Before implementing everything HelpDesk®, 97% of the NDOC was working off of a total DOS system and their help desk was 100% phone driven. Too much time was being used to create a ticket from every phone call.

Upon realization, NDOC staff began searching for a help desk solution that would fit their needs and allow them to work more efficiently.

Addressing the needs of individual support teams and providing the tools to succeed

The Solution

Dan Erlendson, Network Specialist at the Nevada Department of Corrections, said there were several features they loved about everything HelpDesk by GroupLink®, such as email integration, easy reporting, and customization.

After the implementation of everything HelpDesk, NDOC is now able to effectively use a highly efficient web-based system. The users call the dispatcher, who then decides which tickets go where and to whom they are assigned. The amount of time on the phone has significantly decreased.

To be able to cover the “hey you” requests, everything HelpDesk tickets are easily created. Erlendson said, “Creating a ticket is fast, and closing a ticket is just as fast. It now takes a minute to create a ticket for all those ‘hey you’ requests.”

“I showed my manager how to simply obtain a report, and he has figured out how to gather other information he needs for his superiors,” Erlendson added. Gathering essential information through the reporting feature in everything HelpDesk is simple, and reports can be automatically sent to management on a scheduled basis.

The reporting capability has enabled them to adjust technicians’ workloads by getting tickets filtered to the appropriate technician, providing information which the legislators use to get positive results.


everything HelpDesk is providing a consistent solution for the Nevada Department of Corrections’ IT processes. NDOC is able to easily distribute the workload among the IT staff. everything HelpDesk is so simple that the management is able to gather essential information on their own.

“While it may seem simplistic, our favorite thing about the help desk is its ease of use. Our technicians literally needed no hands on training to immediately begin using the software. Even learning the more advanced features of the help desk takes very little training. The software is simply, as it should be, easy to use,” Erlendson said.

Nevada Department of Corrections

The Nevada Department of Corrections is a state organization that needs to be on the cutting edge of technology, but does not have the sufficient funds to supply those needs. There are 3 technicians supporting 120 servers at 24 locations spread throughout the entire state of Nevada. They have 2,500 employees with roughly 2,000 workstations currently deployed.

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