Texas State Technical College

“We use GroupLink®’s everything HelpDesk® to support our faculty and staff in everyday service requests. We also use it to track our servers, routers, upgrades and hardware issues.”

Cori Chappell, Texas State Technical College

The Problem

The Texas State Technical College of Waco IT Department found themselves restricted with their eight-year-old database and began searching for a more resourceful and modern solution for their help desk. The hurdles included limited availability and access, paper receipts, and inadequate reporting.

The old solution was just that, old, providing none of what the college required. The department needed a direct line of communication between themselves and the users. The college desired a web based application accessible from any computer on the campus. Also, the college required better trending and status reports.

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The Solution

With the implementation of GroupLink’s everything HelpDesk, Texas State Technical College’s IT Department is now able to meet the demands of users quickly and productively.

Cori Chappell, Network Administrator for TSTC, stated, “Our favorite features are the email automation and web-interface. These features have greatly increased communication with our customers and enabled us to better allocate our time. The fact that everything HelpDesk integrates with [our directory and email systems] keeps important information accurate while simplifying administration of the database.”

Not only did everything HelpDesk gain strong support from the user community, but the administration appreciated the ability to have a help desk utility that could run fast, powerful reports. Chappell identified that GroupLink’s everything HelpDesk was used for more than just tracking tickets. “We use GroupLink products to support our faculty and staff in everyday service requests. We also use it to track our servers, routers, upgrades, and hardware issues.”


TSTC has improved processes to rapidly and effectively meet the needs of all their users. everything HelpDesk has simplified these endeavors, resulting in the department’s efficiency.

“We greatly appreciate the GroupLink company for its products, training and support,” Chappell stated. “Their assistance made this implementation a success.”

GroupLink prides itself on building a relationship with every customer and enabling them to meet the goals they set in the time desired, something Chappell can identify with.

Chappell concludes, “I would definitely recommend GroupLink’s products to any IT department. GroupLink’s software has really helped our small staff get a handle on the large responsibility. As a state funded school, we had a very limited budget and GroupLink’s software is very affordable. Their staff has been extremely accessible and responsive to the limited amount of support needs that we have, and there’s a very comfortable working relationship.”

Texas State Technical College

Texas State Technical College (TSTC) in Waco is a state-supported technical college functioning on a slim budget. The TSTC system also encompasses three other colleges in Harlingen, Marshall, and West Texas. The IT Department in Waco consists of 8 technicians who are responsible for more than 739 faculty and staff users, over 4,000 students and 2,000 workstations.

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