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Are you a Department Support Manager or Technician who is frustrated by having to manually and repeatedly track, schedule, and micro-manage recurring tasks, assignments, and work orders? everything HelpDesk is a web-based support and work order management system that allows you to track, schedule, and manage future recurring tasks, assignments, and work orders automatically.

Are you a Tech Support Manager who is frustrated with the lack of management tools for prioritizing and tracking incidents for your team? everything HelpDesk is help desk software that lets you create and manage the performance and priority metrics for your support technicians allowing you and your tech support team to focus on resolving highest priority incidents first!

Are you a IT Director or Technician who is frustrated by constant interruptions to your technicians from teachers and staff regarding new or existing support issues when your technicians are working on pre-scheduled high-priority commitments? everything HelpDesk is a issue resolution and tracking solution that receives and organizes all issues sent by teachers and staff, and tracks all work performed by the technicians to solve each issue. Now teachers and staff can use their own familiar email system to easily submit and monitor the progress of their issues without interrupting the technicians.

Are you a Director of Administration and Finance who is frustrated with the cost of owning and managing different help desks for different departments in your organization? everything HelpDesk is a help desk software solution that allows multiple departments to use one help desk solution. Now individual departments do not need to invest in and learn separate help desk solutions.

Are you a Department Support Manager or Technician who is frustrated by having to manually create and track multiple support reports for district administrators and principals who each have different content and frequency requirements? everything HelpDesk is an automated support management and reporting system that allows for flexible report definition of support performance and automated report generation and delivery scheduling.

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