School Administration Perspective

School Administrators strive to develop and Sustain leaders who have vision and passion for student and employee success. School Administrators get easy-to-use tools with the process flexibility to clearly identify effective personnel and those needing help to improve in the areas of student-behavior reporting and intervention management.

  • A key element to the school Administrator’s success is know the types of incidents that are happening in your school. Let’s take a look inside the GroupLink for SafestSchools software to see the flexibility to drill-down into the data by filtering the type of behavioral incidents you would prefer to view– such as bullying, cheating, or fighting.
  • School Administrators need a central viewpoint/dashboard to quickly see the status of all incidents. Often you have certain students you want to keep track of their progress. We can set priorities and easily drill-down to focus on specific incidents to any given student.
  • Interventions can be managed and responses can trigger follow-up with the people associated to the particular step in the process: parents, teachers, District personnel, community members… View how we add an update/comment and include others by adding them to the CC or BC fields just like we would drafting an email.
  • Principals can keep incidents at the classroom or the school level. View how we are able to select who would be responsible for or who would be able to view particular incidents.

Also look how this can be done from other key perspectives: district administration and teachers, as well families and members of the community.

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