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Complements your SIS... and gives more.

Less than... ... one hour set-up (1-time only);
... one minute incident entry.
Greater than... ... one team for intervention;
... Each student's life to save.

Teacher's Perspective

School Administrators strive to develop quality teachers by recognizing excellence and facilitating continuous improvement in the art and science of teaching.

  • School Administrators get easy-to-use tools that minimize and remove activities that interfere with teacher’s time to TEACH. Teachers get the easiest method to accurately report student behavior incidents in a timely manner.

  • GroupLink for SafestSchools make is easy and quick for teachers to submit incidents. They can use their existing email system they are already familiar with by simply sending an email which GroupLink for SafestSchools automatically and intelligently converts the email into a trackable behavioral incident.

  • Reports from the principal’s office can further benefit a teacher, regarding certain classes, students, or behaviors.

  • Principals can increase consistency in intervention quality by providing teachers with intervention resources available through their specific school knowledgebase. Say a teacher wants to know the policy of student suspension. GroupLink for SafestSchools keeps that information parallel with behavioral incidents. Even attach a knowledgebase article to an incident so everyone involved can refer to the policy.

  • Teachers are kept in the loop and/or included in collaboration (cc’d, as needed) on certain referrals based on Principal’s office discretion. View how we include others by adding them to the CC or BC fields just like we would drafting an email.

Look at how this can be done from the District Administration perspective.

Look the solution from the School Administration perspective.

Study how this can be done from the perspective of the families and members of the Community.

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